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Political Law

 Spencer Overton, Political Law, 81 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 1783 (2013). Abstract:  Traditional “election law” or “the law of democracy” concentrated largely on constitutional analysis by judicial actors. That narrow focus, however, distorted scholars’ understanding of the problems confronting democracy and … Continue reading

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Election Law in the American Political System

Guy-Uriel E. Charles & James A. Gardner, Election Law in the American Political System (2012). Book Summary:  This new Election Law casebook, published by Aspen, and suitable for use in law schools and political science departments, offers a distinct alternative to … Continue reading

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Election Law: Cases And Materials

Daniel Hays Lowenstein, Richard L. Hasen & Daniel P. Tokaji, Election Law: Cases and Materials (2012). Book Summary:  The new streamlined and student-friendly Fifth Edition of Election Law: Cases and Materials fully covers developments in election law in the 2012 election season including; extensive … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning: An Essay on the Court, the Law of Democracy, and Trust

Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer, Back to the Beginning: An Essay on the Court, the Law of Democracy, and Trust, 43 Wake Forest L. Rev. 1045 (2008). Abstract:  The law of democracy is in a state of incoherence. The experiment begun by Baker … Continue reading

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The Hydraulics and Politics of Party Regulation

Michael S. Kang, The Hydraulics and Politics of Party Regulation, 91 Iowa L. Rev. 131 (2005).  Abstract:  Swept up in the growing “constitutionalization” of the law of democracy, political parties today are centerpieces of American law and politics. However, even sophisticated … Continue reading

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